Last Night’s Dream (Perfect Timing, Brain!)

The dread order was given, and I was to leave.

So I made to depart- to through webs of fate move

Which, wrapping and pulling, quick tried to reverse me

Tried turn me around, and, to the face of my love

Have my aching heart emptied, ere it was too late


The mind fought the heart, dueling over the soul

-I turned, facing her and her ironwilled gaze-

And by then o’er my body my heart had control

Bidding me to her walk, and to hold by the waist

As we gazed into each other’s razor-sharp eyes


…To what lay beneath: our weary and roiling souls:

Very tired, but hopeful, though by no means sure

Together we’d always stood; apart, we weren’t whole

Alone, we would be like on two Makins immured

On our own dead atolls of regret and ruin


That fate, above all the others which drew so near

Compelled without thought me to swallow my terror

And wrestle with useless and unruly fear

I stooped lower; she, still in my arms, heard me whisper,

“I love you, and I have to do this at least once.”


From her small lips came a smaller gasp, defied

As I kissed her; a token that I loved her most

Her blazing green eyes did hold mine in surprise,

Then their bright sparks went out as she let them close

And then leaned into both my soft kiss and scarred arms


My mind took me quickly to a new time and place

Or rather an old one, as key turned in time’s lock

And I remembered her perfume, the look on her face

The rolling, gold hills; the dark, water-stained dock

And the warm, sure, real weight of her in my embrace


We stared across seething and sparkling waves

Wishing forever to stay in that secret place

But to our cruel fate we were only but slaves

And reaving time’s fearful pull did take her away

And I was left cold, pointless, and full of regret


I found her again, late in life; on narrow chance

Just in time to needs answer to strangers’ blood calls

Those webs pulled again via dual happenstance

And dark war sounded to my family, friends, and all

We answered, my brothers and I, and our father


And marched to our young deaths as was sounded the call

Then my eyes opened quickly; bright and alive

As did my lips to let out the groan of appall

Only a dream; that ruefully or joyfully?

Life was still mine, but love never was

Week I, Group II

P.S. I know the rhythm’s off; gosh, what do you want from me?!


5 thoughts on “Last Night’s Dream (Perfect Timing, Brain!)

  1. ahkrapp says:

    That… I have no words Phillis
    I liked… How your character awoke at the end
    I wonder… Is this what you dream about
    I would suggest… To an more discription of where you are
    Strong words or phases…her blazing green eyes did hold mine in surprise

  2. ahkrapp says:

    That’s nice. I just woke up from a nap and dreamed I was in the future where everyone lived in space. I was playing a game to the death. The game was kind of like that one when someone throws a red ball and everyone else throws their own balls and the closes on to the red wins. There was all kinds of Star Wars esc aliens and people in the shuttle we were playing in. Just before I woke up hedwig from harry potter (she’s the owl) flew in and ate one of the cat like people who were building some kind of ship. I’m pretty sure the ship was so they could escape the shuttle. Yep that’s what I dream about. I’m totally serious.

  3. I am impressed that you’re experimenting with rhythm and line breaks, even if you don’t rhyme perfectly. This is a great way to stretch yourself as a writer.

  4. I liked all of your description
    I noticed that this is about a girl.
    I wondered who the girl was that you were dreaming about??;)
    I never know what to suggest to you….
    Strong words or phrases “Her blazing green eyes did hold mine in surprise.”

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