Blood Brothers

It’s one thing to be called a friend

To be a real one, another

It is a fact some friendships end

But how to tear apart blood brothers?

Can one split a bond of blood?


Sealed at birth, at breath, at once?

Or offered over riven palms

Recited like a sacred psalm

To hold in fam’lyhood, two souls

Who can’t revoke, once their hands close


-There upon my chair I sat

Musing what I wrought was fine

But “No! Not even close, you hack!”

Said Siri, angered by my lines

“Your iambs lilt, your phrases lack,


your sentiments not here should lie,

so everything you’ve typed, take back!

I will repair this.” she did sigh

So with a searchbar, phrase, and tap

My smartphone helped me plagiarize


4 thoughts on “Blood Brothers

  1. The alliteration and assonance here is beautiful: “Sealed at birth, at breath, at once?/ Or offered over riven palms/ Recited like a sacred psalm.” You seem to like to make 8 syllable lines. That’s iambic tetrameter, which is totally fine to do, as I’d have substance over submission to the form. Gorgeous first poem, and witty, light-hearted second.

  2. ahkrapp says:

    Did you write two poems? If so I liked the second better. The first was awesome to. You did really well. Good job Phillis!

  3. I liked how you used two poems.
    I wondered how Siri could reply with such a smart response?? My Siri doesn’t
    I would suggest nothing, this really was a great poem.
    Strong words and phrases: “your iambs lilt, your phrases lack”

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