Thoughts on… Thoughts?

“If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.” -Emily Dickenson

I’m wondering what my expression was in class as I pictured a half-decapitated woman. I’m still wondering why Dickenson chose to word it that way; “physically”, instead of figuratively, and not explaining what “that” was. Probably, she felt “that” was a given, meaning the torrent of thoughts that flows out of an uncorked mind. I imagine that short of machete-ing, one could achieve the same affect with the aid of ADHD drugs, which would remove your precious, socially correct, politeness-above-all-else thought filter. Or if you didn’t have a filter to start with, that would also be helpful. Or maybe with Stephen Hawking’s thought-projector, but that might get awkward if it said something you only meant to think. Especially if you’re a normal human with inside thoughts to be kept inside. How does it know when to do what? Hawking-magic is the only explanation, but- I digress….

Maybe Dickenson literally had the feeling of headlessness when she wrote. That would be incredibly useful to a writer, to have no buffer between your thoughts and feelings and the outside world. No need to synthesize what’s in there into real, actual words. One could dream up a term paper, for instance. Or get rich by imperceptibly tweaking an existing story, copyrighting it, and making millions (I’m talking about you, Veronica Roth). No buffers. I’d love that. Usually.


7 thoughts on “Thoughts on… Thoughts?

  1. Your wit is ever a delight. What I most enjoy, though, is that you continue to use fresh, creative phrases, even in a response. Poetic language proves to be the power in any venue. Love this: “…the torrent of thoughts that flows out of an uncorked mind.” Also enjoyed your made-up word “machete-ing.” Since you’ve learned the rules like a pro, you can break them like an artist. 🙂

  2. I noticed how you made up a word•I liked how did descriptive it was•I wondered what your face was like•I would suggest you make life a little easier on me and make a mistake somewhere:)•strong words or phrases “….The torrent of thoughts that flows out of a uncorked mind” and “half decapitated”

  3. ahkrapp says:

    You kind of rambled there Phillis don’t worry I did to. You have some really good points. Think on this, how does dickenson know what it’s like to have have her head taken off? Was she awake during brain surgery? Hmmm questions.

  4. Is that an option when having brain surgery? Sounds like it would sound crunchy inside your noggin.

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